Gucci Outlet coming to Texas!

  1. life just keeps getting better! A Gucci outlet is coming less than 20 miles from where i live! San Marcos Texas!

    I was confused when everyone was talking about a Gucci outlet! Wow...this is increcible
  2. i ran into this thread hoping it will be in HOUSTON:crybaby:
  3. yes, i had read about it here in the gucci forum fall of 2007. do you know when it will open??? i live in the DFW area, trips to sea world will have much more meaning now :graucho:

  4. haha...the site says it will open fall 2008
  5. Yea! I live a few hours away, too. That will be a great addition!
  6. OMG! I go to San Antonio all the time. I can't wait! When will it open?
  7. sorry didn't see it will come fall 2008, I just got so excited I started typing. :smile:
  8. I went to the outlet last weekend and theres a huge sign that said..

    THEY'RE OPENING MAY 2ND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cant wait!!
  9. wow!!! the website originally said aug!!! im so excited!!! it's only 20 mins away...i'm going to be the first in line
  10. I was going to go shopping in Round Rock in a couple of weeks, but it looks like we'll be going through to San Marcos in May instead. :yahoo:
  11. I hoped it was Houston, too. :sad:
    YeaH for those in Austin!
  12. OMGEEE!!! I realized I get out of school the 1st! So I really can be the first one in line on the 2nd!!!! :yahoo:
  13. now I suddenly want to visit texas
  14. I live in FW so it's about 4 hours drive for me but I'm defin going there with my sister. It's suppose to open in the Fall! I can not wait.
  15. ^^haha i live in Funkytown too sanook!!!!