Gucci ostrich bags

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  1. I recently saw the Gucci ostrich bags. Does anyone on the site have one? I don't like the way the spots look like they are coming off the bag and I don't like the fact that the bags don't come with documentation. What is you ened to take the bag out of the country? All in all, in my opinion the bags are not worth the $4,500 price tag. Now those other styles are TDF, but the ostrich just isn't working for me. I'm disappointed. I thought Gucci would do better than that.
  2. i actually bought a vintage ostrich bag a few weeks ago, for $525 ( i love it, but i'd never pay $4500 for an ostrich bag (i was going to say "i'd never pay $4500 for a bag, but my price limit seems to keep getting higher and higher). although...i did see some really nice ostrich chanel ones the other day...
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