Gucci or....?

  1. Is Gucci your most favorite designer? Lately, I have found that I do you currently want or desire anymore LV's, but I can't get enough of Gucci.:yes:
  2. I think that everyone gets in mood swings for various designers....Many of us tend to jump from one designer to another.....But Gucci is one of my favourites.....
  3. GUCCI is my most favorite designer of all time. :heart: I've always liked Gucci ever since I was a little girl. It's an icon to me. I like other designers too like LV and Balenciaga but Gucci always comes 1st. :winkiss:
  4. Sometimes I get bored or annoyed with Gucci, I know I definately don't like all of their styles. A few months ago I seriously decided that I was sick of Gucci and moved on to Fendi and Prada, but then their new line came out and I find myself wanting several bags and shoes:drool: So for me, Gucci is one of my favorites but I do cheat on it:biggrin:
  5. I used to be a Miu Miu gal, had just one piece of Gucci (a wallet). Then I fell head over heels for the pink monogram, subtle and girly. My lavender Gucci got me hooked on the Guccissima too. So, yes, among all designers, Gucci is #1 (at least for now).
  6. Fendi is definitely my #1 favourite, no questions about it. Gucci is nice, but it is no Fendi in my eyes.
  7. Kavnadoo, you need to teach me how to spot a real from fakes. Fendi might be my next obsession!
  8. For me LV is #1 but Gucci is a very close 2nd
  9. Oh beejerry you MUST hang out with us on the Fendi forum! Its funny you say this because I was actually asking you (in my head) how you authenticate Guccis! I can tell some obvious fakes but I'm way better at authenticating Fendi's and I've only been into it for a couple months! Um oops :back2topic:
  10. Oooo... you need to come to the Fendi forum... :graucho: I am hopeless at Fendi's. Won't be able to help you there. All I know is the equivalent of black card for Gucci being fake for Fendi.
  11. I tend to buy from different designers, but Gucci is one of my favorites.
  12. I love some of the Gucci styles, but not all "grab me" the way some of the older styles did. I really feel like I'm growing out of my monogram phase. I'm really liking some of the other "up and coming" bags like Gustto and Hayden Harnett. The leather on those bags is so super soft!

  13. I have always been a gucci girl... but I must admit that cheat but I always come back... I LOVE chanel and balenciaga! When I want to get away from huge in your face logos I got to them!
  14. Me too I love Gucci, but I just feel some of their new stuff is not all that exciting to me. I purchased the small duchessa boston bag and then decided to sell it (was over the 10 day return policy), because it just wasn't a good looking bag IMO. It looked like a plastic tootsie roll..not sure why I bought it in the first place, I guess bc I get distracted when I go into the store...I really like YSL right now, and I never thought I would, but some of their bags are super classy and versatile (their smaller ones anyway) :smile:
  15. i :heart: gucci! especially pink gucci!

    but eventually i will move on to a different designer, say LV, when I can afford it and without asking my parents to buy it for me... hopefully next year! :p