gucci or vuitton?


gucci or vuitton

  1. Gucci pochette

  2. Gucci shoes

  3. LV bandeau


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  1. Hey im in a dilema. I get paid on friday and i cant save money for the life of me so its going to be spent ofcourse. I need about £70 for going out over the weekend and then if i say i have £200 left.

    i have a LV speedy mono 30 and would love a perfo bandeau to go on it and its also multi functional lol can be used as a belt tie or head scarf too

    I love Gucci, its my favourite fashion house but so far only own t-shirts and jewellery. I would love a bag but as ive said i cant really save and want to buy something in like 2 weeks time in the store so i was thinking a pochette. anybody have one? how good are they for size? i was also thinking gucci ballet shoes theyre gorgeous, monogram with white leather at the back and front with bamboo at the front too, a little over my budget but i can accomodate for that.

    Much help is needed PLEASEEEEE HELP ME!!

    Love han xx
  2. Go for the Gucci shoes or anything Gucci for that matter. Once they sell out of that item its usually really difficult to find. Besides, Gucci is just so Rockstar.:nuts:
  3. Gucci shoes... I'm obsessed with some of its models :nuts:
  4. I say be patient and save enough to get a fabulous Gucci bag!
  5. The Gucci shoes or the bandeau. Just get whatever grabs your attention most. :smile:
  6. the gucci shoes! is that wrong? to vote shoes over bags? LOL
  7. All the Gucci shoes I've seen (some girls posted theirs in the Showcase forum) are so beyond cute and beautiful! If you decide to go with that, please share!
  8. Save ! You can get something bigger, or maybe you'll see a fab deal on eBay or the such and you'll have money in the bank to jump on it !
  9. Gucci Shoes
  10. I'd go w/ saving for a couple weeks to get a slightly bigger Gucci bag! I'm biased b/c I don't like to spend as much on shoes as on bags. Shoes always end up hurting my feet or being impracticle -- never the case w/ a bag!
  11. I also vote on Gucci bag.