Gucci or Tag Heuer watch?

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  1. Hi ladies, I need your help. I used to wear Michael Kors watches but now I am so bored because everyone has them. I can not afford to Rolex or Omega at the moment, so I am thinking either Gucci or Tag Heuer watch.

    Which brand would you prefer and why? I want something with steel bracelet and black face. Tag Heuer´s Formula 1 ceramic serie is really cool and masculine, which I like. but somehow Gucci is nice too. Help me:smile:.
  2. I would say go for Tag. I got a Dior 66 watch (the slim one that looks like Gucci) when I was 18 and I've outgrown it. Now I tend to go for classic watch that can last me a lifetime.
  3. TAG every time. If I plan to spend more than a certain amount on a watch, I'd prefer it to be from a company that specialises in watches.

    I wanted a Gucci watch when I was 18, but luckily I didn't get one because I definitely wouldn't like or wear it now.
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  4. Get the Tag. I have to say the resell value on Tags are awful!!
  5. I have both. The Gucci I got when I was 21. It is a very classic style and it's still going strong 12 years later (with the addition of new batteries every now and then!).

    Tag's are probably better watches, but if you pick a classic Gucci there is no reason you won't love it for years to come.

    Get which ever you love more
  6. Is this the Tag you mean?
    Bought this about 6 months ago when my J12 went in for servicing. Absolutely love it!
    Wearing this Tag as my "winter watch".

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  7. Tag!
  8. Tag for sure!
  9. Tag of course...they are real watchmakers unlike Gucci.
  10. Tag!
  11. Tag!
  12. Go for the Tag.
  13. Love this gucci looks smiliar to rolex
  14. I have a Tag and I absolutely love it!
  15. I have both ... I'd say it would depend on your style. My Gucci is dressier than my Tag.