Gucci or LV Bags..

  1. Which one is more classic?
  2. I guess you'd have to google the history of the houses. LOL. But I personally prefer Gucci. It's timeless and LV may have a monogram backlash coming. PPL are getting more into the Epi and Damier lines.
  3. Gucci
  4. i said it be4 and ill say it again defiantly lv, gucci's leather's scrach really easily and the GG canvas represts the company although its goreous it saints horrorably and can rarely be fixed, lv is a luggage company and this si their expertiece, plus i know that lv can fix anything (at a price) if it goes wrong! so i guess durability had my vote to lv, but as classics i think they are equally classic
  5. I think LV and Gucci are equally classic fashion houses. I don't own any LV just not my style. But, Gucci I can go on for days!! I love Gucci!! Loved it especially when Tom Ford was reigning designer. :amuse:
  6. I also like Gucci because its not as counterfeited, my sister and I play count the fake LVs when we go shopping in South Florida its so bad. Besides I think Gucci has sexier designs. Gucci also repairs bags if needbe.
  7. I choose LV because Gucci goes on sale twice a year
    and 30% off too so that kinda puts me off a little
  8. i guess they r both classic..
    for bags, i like lv more bcoz their bags r more durable, plus it never goes on sale, but i never like lv shoes, glasses, etc... :|
    for other accesories i prefer gucci. esp glasses n shades.. cant get enough of em~!!
  9. n about fakes, i think both of em have tons of fakes n in my country i think i've seen more fake gucci bags than lv
  10. I personally prefer Gucci for style because they put a twist on classics in their designs. I like to use my 2006 Cruise bag as an example. It's got a classic shape, but then the red/green webbing and the chain hardware really spice things up without being too in your face. It's just slightly edgy, and not for everyone. That's what I love about Gucci.

    However, LV is classic, as you can never go wrong carrying an LV. I find that I tend to use my LV when I need to make sure I'm properly dressed for a work situation or I'm traveling and may be harder on my purse than usual. I have an LV Cabas Piano, and it has been through some intense weather conditions and dragged around on many trips but still looks great.
  11. i've got 2 LV bags (a speedy & a pouchette), but i :heart: my gucci's more :smile:
  12. Wait a minute. If you research them, COACH, Fendi, and LV started off as luggage. And I hardly believe that if something went wrong on my Gucci that they wouldnt fix it. I mean come on. Even Dooney repairs. Most upscale companies like Gucci and LV repair.
  13. I love both, every woman need to have one Gucci and one LV in her closet! ;)
  14. Fendifemale I agree. I've got a broken handle on my Gucci bag I brought in 1999. I called and got the cost and how long it would take to repair. I had a broken watch repaired. Plus with Gucci there is a warranty. Each time I called about the repair I was asked that question b/c Gucci will fix it for free if it's under warranty.
  15. LV coz they're more durable.