Gucci or Hermès gold earrings?

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Gucci horsebit or Hermès Chaîne d'ancre?

Poll closed Oct 9, 2019.
  1. Gucci horsebit

    9 vote(s)
  2. Hermès Chaîne d'ancre

    9 vote(s)
  1. Hi to all of you!
    I am planning to buy a pair of yellow gold earrings, as I am tending to wear more gold these years and am not comfortable with mixing metals.
    I am looking for something that's not too big (more for budget reasons).
    I hesitate between two models: Gucci horsebit studs, and Hermès chaîne d'ancre studs.
    I find the Hermès are rather sporty, and the Gucci have more... presence, if I may say so? Also, seems that you have more gold for your money with the Gucci ;)
    Both are slightly less than 800 €.

    Thank you for helping !

    gucci.jpg hermes 2.jpg
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  2. Hermès.
    Both are nice by the way, but Hermès style is unbeatably classic and elegant.
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  3. I prefer the Gucci of these 2 choices, but I'd probably also look at jewelry stores and consider a non-branded gold earring in a classic design.
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  4. The Hermes one is more classic and elegant imo, definitely on my list
  5. I actually have both and am wearing the CdA right now. There's not much to choose between them in terms of quality. I suppose ultimately it's about the colour of the gold.

    The Gucci are yg and the H are rg. The Gucci have a little more presence, are weightier and actually look good enough for a chic evening out.

    I've only recently bought the H. The H have a more complicated butterfly system. Most of their earrings have the same but it's a bit more tricky with smaller studs. Don't get them if your wanting to get them on and off in a hurry. They also move around a bit unless firmly in place, so if you like them horizontal you'll need to push the butterfly on hard to stop them twisting to vertical (or vice versa).
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  6. Thanks a lot for this technical answer!
    Actually I saw the H earrings are available in yellow gold on the US website, and only rose gold on the EU websites.
    I'm gonna ask in the shops in Paris for yellow gold, as I don't want to add a third metal color to my jewelry.
    I tried the horsebit ones last week, and they look smaller than online; however I like them. Sorry for the pic, ear selfies are pretty difficult!

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  7. Nice!

    Looking at your pic the Gucci are still more noticeable.

    I took a pic for you and include another of the H to show how they look less up close. As you can see, mine are rg and look smaller in the ear.

    Yg is my natural choice but at least H's rg is subtle and these are small, plus these fit really well with my large rg Tiff brooch.

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  8. The chaîne d'ancre suit you so well!
    Thanks for taking time to take pictures.
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  9. My pleasure.

    Honestly, you can't go wrong with either
  10. I like them both. But the Hermes is very classic and elegant too.
  11. Get the Gucci earrings first... then go back for the Hermes in 6 months.
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  12. I prefer Hermes. :smile::smile::smile:
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  14. They are different enough to get both. They are both lovely and understated.
  15. Exactly
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