Gucci or Fendi print... please share your opinion!

  1. I am undecided on a purchase... it would be for a smaller pochette size bag, and I would like to know what your opinions are.:tup:

    Which do you prefer-- Gucci monogram print or Fendi monogram print?

    And why?

    Thank you!
  2. I generally prefer the Gucci print - it's just classier, IMO. However, I love the Fendi Baguette and consider it to be a classic. I like, and have, both prints, so I don't think you can go wrong!
  3. I'd have to say Gucci. But I do love hem both. :heart:
  4. I prefer gucci too.. I think it's because it's smaller and I'm not the hugest fan of print in general..
  5. I think the gucci print looks better too
  6. I prefer the Gucci as well. I think its timeless.
  7. I actually like the Fendi print better. I just never have been a fan of the Gucci, maybe because the Fendi print is larger which is different than most logos.
  8. Gucci please!
  9. i would go for the gucci monogram print. it's much more classic compared to fendi.
  10. Neither.:tdown:
    If you want classy/tastefull purse stay away from any print bags. Print bags are very ghetto-fabulous.
  11. I think the Gucci print looks better. I like how the pattern forms little diamonds. Very nice. The Fendi logo print is just a bunch of oversized Fs.
  12. I like both :roflmfao:
  13. Gucci :tup:
    But for a small purse I would go with Fendi.
  14. I agree with armcandyluvr -- the Gucci print creates an interesting effect that is very elegant. I have a Gucci print messenger bag -- one of the very flat ones, and I adore it. The print almost disappears and it doesn't call attention to itself. I use the messenger for hands free travel in airports, leaving my hands for wheeling luggage.
  15. Gucci is better than Fendi printed.