Gucci Or Burberry Tote?

  1. I Cannot Decide On Gucci Classic Tote New Britt Medium Or Burberry Super Nova Check Tote..please Help! Thx
  2. Personally I like Gucci better
  3. I have a Gucci tote and it is fantastic!! The quality is amazing and it has held up really well.

    Good luck and let us know what you choose!!
  4. I'd pick Gucci any day :tup:
  5. My Mom has a Burberry Super Nova Check bag and I borrow it all the time. I vote Burberry! It is just so timeless
  6. pics, please :smile:
  7. I say Gucci... Burberry's cute but I like Gucci so much better.
  8. Gucci - I have some Burberry bags too but I think now I will always want a Gucci tote in my collection, they are marvelous :smile:
  9. Gucci :tup:
  10. definitly Gucci!
  11. Another vote for Gucci!
  12. Gucci
  13. Gucci. I think your money would be better spent with this desginer as opposed to Burberry when it comes to bags.
  14. Gucci for sure!

  15. gucci :tup: