Gucci or Bottegga Veneta?

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  1. BV all the way
  2. I like the gucci bag better, its timeless , chick and classic :smile:
    but what the heck do I know I just bought my first gucci last week! lol
  3. I'd take the BV
  4. It is a hard questions I find the bags to be very different but I do love the Gucci best..
  5. I have the Gucci 1973 and absolutely LOVE it! I highly recommend it! Go Gucci! :smile:
  6. I'm completely biased because I've seen pictures of Angelina Jolie carrying the exact same gucci bag you're considering and it looks so good on her. (But then again what doesn't?)

    I haven't really seen a BV bag up close before so I would say Gucci. But I do love how people on the Gucci forum aren't as biased toward a brand as opposed to the LV forum. lol Good luck either way!
  7. BV hands down...and I am a Gucci slave!!!!!
  8. I would go for BV for sure! I think its an elegant, understated classic bag with amazing craftsmanship. I love gucci but I feel like their quality is not what it used to be.