Gucci or Bottegga Veneta?

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  1. #1 Oct 10, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
    I walked into Saks and fell in love with two bags one Gucci and the other Bottegga Veneta. So i need your advice. I have been a fan of Gucci for many years even though I just have one. I love their designs this season and was blown away with the " Gucci 1973" top handle bag in black leather. However, I'm torn because just around the corner I spotted a Bottegga Veneta bag that was also to die for. It was the black woven nappa large veneta. Both bags are similar in price the gucci goes for $1980 and the other is $1980 as well. Both have suede lining which I also love, and there both black leather. Thats about it in similarities. The gucci is a top handle bag which could be annoying even though I could put over my shoulder and the bottegga veneta bag fit effortlessly over my shoulder and it was super comfortable. This is why I'm torn there both beautiful bags ,but even though I'm leaning towards to the gucci bag I keep thinking whether its just to seasonal? or that if I hold off in buying it I could find it on sale in December when the sales usually start. I like the bottegga venta bag because its a classic bag that I know will almost never find on sale. I also love that it is a shoulder bag and I heard that the quality is amazing almost on par with Hermes. So if you were in my shoes which one would you choose? I wasn't able to upload the picture of the gucci bag.

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  2. As much as I love Gucci, I favor hobo styles more so my vote goes to the BV. (ducks and hides)
  3. Agree, I am a gucci lover, but what I think the best options are, either wait for the Gucci to go on sale (which I am pretty sure that this bag will be on sale anytime soon), or just go ahead and buy the BV. However, I am leaning heavily towards buying the BV...:graucho:
  4. I vote for BV. This BV is classic and more practical than the Gucci 1973.
  5. I love gucci and just got into BV myself (just did a reveal tonight). That being said, I vote for BV. At the same price BV is the better choice for me if you are looking for a regular daily/casual bag. The Gucci one seems more work-like for me. Also, I feel that BV will be a great addition to start rounding out a gucci-heavy bag collection :smile:

    Btw, this being in the gucci thread might face answers with bias --yet it seems BV is still going to be the winner :yahoo:
  6. The BV is so gorgeous and timeless, plus it has the unique quality of the braided leather. Of the two bags you're considering, I much prefer the BV.
  7. 100% bv
  8. Bv- I have the black large nero, its been years but it still looks brand new. Leather just keeps getting better with age! Like Wine!
  9. It's a very interesting question, and one that I also asked myself recently.

    I looked at both full ranges on the same day and I really thought I would choose BV over Gucci but when it came down to it I preferred Gucci as none of the BVs did anything for me when I tried them on (not I problem I have with Guccis'.

    Gucci own BV and the quality is a bout the same at this level. Style wise they are very different so I guess it comes down to that. The 1973 has suede lining as well so if it were me I would just think where there is a gap in my wardrobe.
  10. BV! I love the soft buttery leather. It's so far my most comfortable bag ever. It's so simple and doesn't scream BV all over yet I've gotten far more compliments on it.

    Not that I don't love Gucci as well :P
  11. Welcome Racquel 24 to TPF! Your problem is you have great taste and picked two of my favorite bags. PT is right, they are both owned by the Gucci group. I love both bags but if I had to make a choice, (and a hard one it is), I'd go with the BV large Veneta. I have had my eye on that bag since it was $1950! I could have bought it but at the time I couldn't get used to the wideness of the bag. The more I see it though the more I realize it's a forever classic! Also it is the lightest weight bag of any leather.

    Good luck making your decision! Also, please reveal when you decide!
  12. The black Veneta never goes on sale, and it will also be available for years to come. I think you should get the Veneta since its style works for you better.
  13. Thanks everyone I really appreciate all the input. I am shocked that BV won by a landslide especially on the Gucci forum. I thought it over and I've decided to go with the BV bag its perfect and timeless. I love the simplicity of the bag. I plan on heading to the BV Flagship store in NYC later this month and getting the bag there. Thanks again.
  14. Congrats.

    Black Veneta is timeless.