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Jan 19, 2016
Just got this one today! It’s my first Gucci product ever. I find the GG Supreme print very classic. It’s my first high-end wallet too!

I was torn between this one and the leather card case. I was worried about the canvas durability, but the SA said canvas holds better. So, I went with it



Feb 26, 2012
I love this tote! Thinking of getting one. How has the leather trim held up, especially on the corners?
I have been eyeing this tote as well and finally pulled the trigger. I did alot of research and couldnt find much on this forum. However, based on research (ebay, other resale sites) to determine the wear once used..... it does appear the corners seem to fade rather quickly. However, I really think it depends on how you use and take care of the bag.

No offense meant to the poster who shared pic and said she uses as laptop bag. But I def would not use it to carry a computer, her bag looks stretched out and awful, these bags clearly are not made for this use. I actually saw a lady while shopping with this tote and her bag look stretched out and wasnt even full. So you can tell she must have used it to carry heavy stuff at on point or another. It appears once this bag loses shape it does not recover. This is something to keep in mind prior to purchasing.

With that being said I rotate bags alot, I plan on using mine as a casual tote without overstuffing. I would go for it, it really is a pretty retro vibe bag.