Gucci online??

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  1. Does anyone know how we could possibly order a Gucci purse that seems to only be available from another country online? I really like the Pelham hobo but in US its only available in black monogram and brown mono, and in other countries its available in Sand Guccissima... does anyone know how I would be able to order this if its not available in the US?? Or does anyone know if Saks or NM carries it the Pelham Hobo in Sand Gucccissima?
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    some stores do international transfers for customers but it is a rarity. if they will not do one you are not out of luck. I wanted a certain bally bag but the US did not carry this model and the bally boutique was not able to do the transfer. i had read about and Suzan Becker on this forum and gave her a try. She is a personal shopper who often travels to Europe and purchases items for her clients; most of the time it is for clients who would like to save or to purchase a rare item. She only keeps the VAT tax refund which is about 10% and the client pays for shipping when she returns to the US.

    often, the prices in designer boutiques in europe are already cheaper than US prices so you are not losing anything with her 10% fee in a sense.

    She is absolutely amazing! communication was constant and I received the bag that I had longed for.

    a little tidbit about Suzan: she used to be a popular newscaster in north carolina but now runs her travel agency
  3. Oooh thanks sooooo much for the info!!! I'll def look into that, good to know I have that option! Thanks soooo much!