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  1. hello! im new to this blog.apologies if im in the wrong forum....but i have an issue tht needs urgent attn. i bought a gucci charmy handbag frm the online gucci store. UPS tried delivering it 3 times but i was at work and couldnt be home to collect it. they havent even left a postcard! and gucci wont provide a tracking number. i tried calling their customer serv & emailing assistance ....theres been no response. has anyone had an issue like this? will i ever get my precious bag?
  2. I've misplaced my tracking number before and UPS was able to provide me with it using the address of the shipper, in your case it would be the online Gucci store. How do you know that UPS has attempted to deliver the bag 3 times if they haven't left a notice?
  3. I had UPS try to deliver me a Gucci bag before too & never got a card telling me. The only reason I knew was because I kept tracking it online. Anyway, Gucci & UPS won't give you the tracking number so try calling UPS & just ask them if they have a package for you there. I had them confirm that there was a package for me just by giving my name & address. I then went to pick it up. Let them know you don't have the tracking number & a card was never left telling you that they attempted delivery. Hope you get your bag!
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  5. i know UPS attempted delivery cos thts what it says when i check my shipment status on the gucci website. but they have definitely not left a card. feel helpless. UPS simply cant do without the tracking number. will try again. thanks guys!
  6. yaaay! i got my bag. went to the UPS local station and thankfully they were able to find my parcel since it had only arrived there last night. thanks for your msg. UPS couldnt do much over the phone but at the local station i guess they were able to find it with my address.
  7. congrats! can you post some pics? :biggrin:
  8. gucci just revamped their system so if you bought this bag recently you should be able to check out the tracking status on their website :smile:...i was able to about a few weeks ago!!