Gucci online seems not to have everything in the store

  1. I went to gucci store at fifth ave, NYC today. they carries way more stuffs that aren't in online store. (Especially class canvas....)
    Why is that? u know?
  2. I don't know why but I've also seen bags in stores that aren't online.
  3. I think they all have their own exclusive stock
  4. Yeah each store gets very different stock. The SA's in Melb told me so.
  5. oh... Thank you. I didn't know..... hmm that means, I have to buy it from that store before it sold out!
  6. Good luck! What were you eyeing anyway?
  7. I love the NYC store. Peter is usually my SA. I wonder if he's still there? I only go up there a few times a year, usually for the sales. It's a good idea to go back there the first of June and get your pre sale goodies because they have great stock.