Gucci Online Sale - Sale Confirmed, Now They Say Bag is Not Available!!! GRRR!!!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to know if any of you have encountered a similar experience with online sales. I had my eye on these white guccissima leather totes that went on sale online at the Gucci website. The first time I saw them, they were not available so I clicked on the link to e-mail a personal shopper and requested that they let me know when the bag becomes available.

    They sent me an e-mail the next day to tell me the bags were available again and even provided the link. I clicked on the link and true enough, the bag was available so I ordered two and completed the online purchase, i.e., gave shipping address, credit card details, etc.

    Gucci sent me a confirmation e-mail of my order.

    NOW, they sent me an e-mail that the bag is NOT available online. WTF???? I intend to write them an e-mail to demand that they ship me the bags because their previous e-mails and website (and I have copies of these e-mails and a picture of the website on my cellphone) that shows that the bag was available online and that I bought them!

    I am so mad and frustrated right now. I really WANT those bags!!!
  2. hmm thats messed up that this happens so frequently..they should have a system that connect orders to stock or something, so when someone fills out an order it automatically makes the item one less in stock or something eh?
  3. i ordered 3 pair of shoes. then several days later received email saying that all the shoes were unavailable. whatever. i like louboutins better anyhow.:tdown:

  4. That happened to me with Barney's last year. I actually did contact customer service (b/c they were also taking a LONG time to actually refund my money) and they were extremely rude about it. : (

    Stuff like this seems rather common.
  5. Yes, it happens all the time- I think for a couple reasons, either they do it to entise buyers, or they have such a high demand at once, the computer system can't keep up with the inventory being purchased. I think the latter reason. There have been times when trying to buy something on sale online, it will be gone in seconds. you got to be fast
  6. I think there's bad faith on their part with this transaction. I was checking their website the whole of Thursday and Friday. Thursday, the bag was still available. Friday, the bag was still on the sale site but was no longer available. Today, after receiving the e-mail, I checked the site and they totally pulled it from the site.

    If they offered it for sale, and I bought it and paid for it, under the law, there is a perfected contract of sale and if they refuse to give me the item I bought, I should be able to sue them for breach of contract. I am not accepting their offer of a refund because I want the bag.

    I am waiting to see what their reply is to my e-mail.

    They really shouldn't sell stuff they no longer have.
  7. This has happened twice to me at Active Endeavors.

    The thing you have to keep in mind is that sending in a purchase order by clicking submit is essentially an offer to buy goods. When your purchase order is confirmed, the company probably means to confirm receipt of the purchase order, but is not actually conveying acceptance of the order. This is because confirmations are usually sent automatically, with no human element checking actual availability.

    No obligations are made until there is offer and acceptance.

    Being the law nerd that I am, I thought about writing Active Endeavors a strongly-worded letter explaining their legal commitment, but then after I thought about it, I came up with the analysis above.

    Of course, if a company is extremely customer service-friendly, it never hurts to try. And if it happens all the time, they deserve a talking to anyway because they obviously need a better system to keep track of their inventory! :smile: