Gucci on line store?

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  1. Hello.

    I would like to purchase a GUCCI hobo bag. Still deciding on which one but I have come across an online GUCCI store but I would like to ask if anyone would be able to advise on whether this store is legit and sells 100% GUUCI authentic handbags.

    It is :

    Looks pretty authentic but would like some advise or comments.:biggrin:
  2. Sorry, but the prices look too good to be true. There are even typos on their website...

    They also claim they purchase from the factory... pretty sure it's not legit!

    If you want Gucci, just purchase on the website, or if you're in the states, you can buy from the outlets. You can also wait for the bi-annual sale, there should be one coming up in late November/early December.
  3. If you get the item from that site, you would be disappointed. I bet
  4. No, that site sells counterfeits. The real site is Many of the bags on the site were never produced by Gucci.

    I don't know where you're located but there are Gucci outlets throughout the US where you can buy past season merchandise.
  5. Thanks to all for the feedback ... almost fell for it.
  6. That's the same website with different images. Counterfeits.
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    Sorry, another

    I am new to buying GUCCI. Have always loved the bags and would like to purchase one ... just don't want to pay full retail price at

    Please advise. Many thanks.
  8. thank you.
  9. Please only ask Gucci authenticity questions in our "Authenticate This Gucci" thread we've already provided in our GUCCI Forum.

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