gucci on line started!!!

  1. Just purchased abbey tote black leather, called the boston store and gave style #and John is shipping out this am!! So excited! I was going to order on line but I would get it quicker from Boston store. ILast week pre sale but could go to view what was on sale cuz live in CT.
    Can't wait to get gucci:smile:
  2. it sure did! luckily, i got everything i wanted in store! :smile:
  3. So are the prices online the same as in store? For some reason I remember my med. horsebit hobo being like 689 (instead of 629) online. I dont pay taxes so that shouldn't be a factor.
  4. Does anyone know if the ABBEY tote in khaki is on sale??

  5. Is Gucci going to be releasing new sale items as the week/month moves on?
  6. i'm assuming they will to make room for the upcoming season's line
  7. ^^ I hope so I want something but I don't love anything they have right now.
  8. ^^^^ Whew! I'm relieved I don't like anything, I'm supposed to be saving!
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