Gucci on HSN? Take a look at this G wannabee

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  1. Saw this last night and had to take a deep breath.....

    1.- The first picture is the HSN offering designed by Michael Rome for sale on HSN as a Michael Rome designed handbag.

    2.- The second picture is of a Gucci Romy bought from Saks that I used to own....

    You be the judge.....
    gucci ala hsn.jpg romy.jpg
  2. Wow, very heavily-inspired.
  3. yikes.
  4. That's handbag plagiarism!
  5. that's crazy
  6. thats just ugly.
  7. WOW....even the name of the bag was very well copied! ROME the designer and ROMY the bag! argh!!! :yucky:
  8. :tdown:

  9. WTF........ pathetic.:bagslap:
  10. I saw this to.....FUGLY!!!!!!
  11. wow....i mean im all for inspiration but thats taking it a bit tooooo far
  12. ew! :yucky:
  13. i like the one from gucci better.

    and he calls himself a designer? get your own ideas!
  14. I also saw blatent knock offs of the Indy bag at Cache, a clothing store and Bebe copies so many Gucci and Chanel bags its sickening.
  15. the sad thing is, people that buy it won't know its a FAKE!!!