Gucci on Groupon?

  1. I saw this too and was wondering the same thing. It seems very strange to me that Gucci (or any Gucci retailer) would partner with Groupon.
  2. I'm not surprised. . . they have outlets, deep sales, sell at DSW, etc. . . :-s
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    I have just received my gucci bag after purchasing it from Groupon - Australia division five weeks ago. It is a fake unfortunately. Very obvious fake and very poorly made.
    I paid $1275 for it!
    I contacted Groupon immediately - they say they will investigate it.
    I would not trust Groupon again. Anyone else in the same shoes?

    I am sorry for not starting a new thread as I haven't posted enough to allow me to do it.
  4. I wanted to start a new thread also but could not for the same reason. - This will be my 5th post. - I also examined this bag myself before I came to this site and came to a conclusion. But also needed a second opinion (purse forum). Regardless who ever has said it is not fake or it is fake, this bag is still defected. I am certainly not fooled. I might post further in a new thread a bit later after work, as this will be my fifth post on the site. I have to admit, this situation has been stressful, I worked hard for the money I paid Groupon, not to mention the lack of sleep I had the last few nights my hair is starting to fall. (which is quite embarressing.) I can't give further details of the actions we have taken, who we have seeked legal advise from and who will be helping us. But I can tell you this, I have made contact with Groupon - all I want is my refund and I wont take further action. What path they choose to take next will determine whether I will persue the advise I have been given and it wont be good for those parties at fault.
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  6. I saw the fake Guccis on the 'Authenticate This Gucci' thread :nogood:

    I am so very sorry for all those who have been scammed including BLSky and pangheart, you have my complete sympathy :hugs:
  7. Papertiger, I hope this some what awareness prevents others from being fooled in future to. I will try have my 10 post by jumping on the purse forum band wagon. I have been a reader in the past, I first joined when I was to purchase from eBay but then had second thoughts. I obviously thought Groupon would be a safer as I have family and friends who also purchase off the website.

    I should hopefully be able to start a new thread by next Wednesday I am expecting to have an answer from Groupon by then. I never thought this would happen to me and I know there are people who have had great experiences with eBay and other sites. So I hope I have not offended anyone.

    There has been one lovely lady at Groupon who has been helpful, hopefully we hear good news soon.
  8. Thanks Papertiger, you guys are awesome. Thanks for putting in your own free time in the efforts to combat counterfeits.

    I have always bought my Gucci and LVs from legit stores. Never would I have thought I'd be buying a fake! Now I am really pissed off with myself for trusting Groupon with my money. Will be cancelling my Groupon membership once this is all over. If I do not hear from them by next Wednesday I will be reporting this to the appropriate authorities.
  9. Well I really hope you guys get complete justice to your satisfaction, and soon.

    I am also upset for all those that will receive these fakes as gifts or have bought for the first time and have no idea they're fakes. No doubt they will just think Gucci's products are cr*p rather than think Groupon are fraudsters.

    Groupon should do recall and refund immediately of all G*cci products they have been selling as Gucci!!!!
  10. Wow I can't believe a company as big and well known would sell fakes like this! You can't trust any source on the internet these people not know that selling fake items is ILLEGAL?!
  11. That is exactly how I feel. No update yet unfortunately.
  12. Please keep us updated. I would love to hear how this gets handled.
  13. Wow, I'm lucky I didn't buy one... I thought about it and when it was time to buy, it had already sold out. Hope everything works out and you can get your $$$ back!
  14. Currently on a lunch break. I called them myself last Wednesday and they said I would have an answer by the next Wednesday. My mum emailed and they said someone would get back to her 7 working days. I explained to mum that if this is the case Saturday and Sunday would not be included but she said it does since they work Saturdays and Sunday's. So 2 different answers for when they would get back to us. I believe today should still be the cut off day as Miguel said the day Wednesday, he never said next week. BLsky what were you advised? Do you have pictures of your bag to?