GUCCI on ebay??

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  1. Anyone know a seller that has authentic Gucci? Thanks guys!
  2. Check with Aaalabama--she posted some authentic sellers some time back if I recall correctly.
  3. Thanks Susan, but I just checked & maybe it's spelled wrong b/c I couldn't find that seller. Also, all the sellers w/ similar names have nothing for sale.
  4. Try aaallabama on TPF--sorry--I had spelled her ID wrong. She outed some eBay sellers of fake Gucci a while back and had some recommendations for authentic also.
  5. I don't know, but be careful. You probably already know this - thus the post - but the overwhelming majority of Gucci on eBay is counterfeit. And there are also counterfeit vintage items.

    Good luck, though, your Gucci bag awaits somewhere on eBay....
  6. ^ I know be careful! A lot of Gucci fakes on eBay!
  7. thanks summertime. i figured it's worth a shot. if nothing comes up i'll go to the boutique. i really want the black guccisma pelham!
  8. That particular style is often faked, so be careful!
  9. Wow...I read some of the threads posted by Aaallabama re: fake Gucci on ebay. I think I'd rather spend more & know I'm geting the real deal now!
  10. ^ yes, i also heard ariail54 only sells authentic merchandise... i haven't purchased anything from her yet, but she has some nice stuff!

    i won't purchase Gucci from eBay... I'm not good at authenticating, and I'm always afraid of getting a good fake, because you can never be too sure from photos all the time. I've seen sooo many fake guccis, that it's not even worth the effort to try to find a good deal on authentic ones
  11. Oh, maybe there's still hope! Thanks all!
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