gucci on bluefly?

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  1. I've never bought anything from Bluefly before but the other day I just couldn't resist buying these pair of shoes from them. After reading some posts about Bluefly, I'm skeptical about what I'll be getting. Some say they've received fakes, some say the products are usually damaged, etc. Have any of you guys bought Gucci shoes from them? Were they ok?
  2. the site should bee real, but if you have your doubt then post pic of your shoes when you get them.
  3. I bought a pair of Gucci shoes from them a while ago and they were perfect.
  4. I bought a pair of Gucci pumps from bluefly. They were authentic and in perfect condition. My only issue was I ordered a size 35 and I got a 35 C. They did not disclose they were a C (wide width) but they still fit fine so it was ok. I have ordered lots of things from bluefly and have always been pleased with the fast service.
  5. Bluefly is AWESOME.
  6. Never had any issues with them
  7. Thanks for everyone's comments. I got a bit nervous after reading posts about fakes from Bluefly.
  8. I have bought from Bluefly a few times. Once I got a fake but I promptly returned it and was offered a full refund on everything. since then I my bags from them have been real!
  9. my purchases have been authentic and returning has been easy =)
  10. That's scary. I wonder how often that happens? Can you imagine someone out there thinking they bought a real bag from Bluefly and not know their bag is a fake? Its good that they put the tags on them so that shady people can't buy real and return a fake that easily.
  11. BTW....those shoes are HOT.....please post modeling pics!!
  12. Wow. I can't believe that happened to you. Good thing you returned it and got a full refund. This is what worries me the most. It's as if they don't check their products. Very scary!
  13. It happened a few years ago before they started putting the return tags on. soon after they started putting the return tags on the bags and I really think they have cleaned up their act ever since!
  14. do they have tags on wallet?
  15. It is 100% real, and I believe that it is 1st quality items...