Gucci on bluefly

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  1. Did anybody get some good deals from Bluefly today?
  2. I broke a self-imposed ban by getting a Bouvier with the 15% off coupon ... I can't wait to get it!:yahoo:
  3. I did. I bought a Abbey continental wallet in black. I also wanted the Joliceour tote but it wasn't available when I tried to add it to my cart:sad:
  4. :yes: I did!! I got the large mono peggy with white leather! I'm sooo excited to get it! :yahoo: Has anyone from Canada bought from bluefly before? I wonder if I'm gonna havta pay ridiulous custom prices
  5. positano small tote for me :smile:
  6. :yahoo: I got the Joliceour tote:yahoo:
  7. Beljwl, you're so lucky on the Joliceour tote! It was an awesome deal. I hope another one comes up soon.
  8. does bluefly sell authentic gucci?

  9. Yes
  10. I waffled between the black leather continental Britt or the Yves Saint Laurent zip close continental size wallet. I really prefer zips over snaps, so I went with the YSL. I just got it an hour ago and IT'S GORGEOUS!!!!!
  11. congrats everyone! i got the positano flats, hope to get it soon! i ordered yesterday so when should i expect to get it??
  12. I would say some time next week. They seem to ship pretty quick. I am pretty sure if I remember correctly they send you an email saying they shipped. Also you can check on their web-site the status of your order.
  13. Hello. Fellow Gucci addict here (I am not much of a poster). I got a black guccisima Princy hobo and a biege guccisima Brit Boston bag. Can't wait to get them...

  14. Congrats!!! I have the guccisima Princy hobo in both Brown (bought from Bluefly) and black. I love that bag. Here is a photo of mine.