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  1. Hello. How credible is for Gucci? I know they got caught selling fake Balenciaga's a while back. I just purchased a "New Britt" hobo from them and I think's it's real, but...

    Any insight on Bluefly woudl be helpful...Thanks!
  2. The guccis I bought from them were real but the Chloe was fake. The important thing is that if you think its fake you will have no problem returning it!
  3. I just bought 2 and they were both real.
  4. Thank you ladies! I feel much better about my bag. Especially b/c it was a really good deal!
  5. Damn, forreal?!

    Ive purchased one gucci bag from them, and it was real. :yes:
  6. just got a britt tote from them. Looks real to me. AWesome deals on bluefly.
  7. I see lots of retail prices. You have to know your stuff or else you might THINK you're getting deal, but you're not.
  8. So far, my experience with bluefly has been good
  9. I have gotten several Guccis from Blluefly and all were real. They have a great selection of Gucci just added today.
  10. ^ Yup I saw those..I just pm'd Jill 'cause they have a wallet that matches her bag she bought in Aruba!!! (Don't mind me,....just an enabler!!):yes:
  11. I, too, was skeptical about Bluefly. However, I have ordered two Gucci's from there and they are authentic. BTW, there are tons of Gucci bags and wallets on Bluefly today. Get them will you can.
  12. I got the bag I have been eying from the cruise collection today! The ivory guccissima peggy!! Got it for $600 off the current retail price at Gucci stores with the 20% off Bluefly coupon they gave me last year when they screwed up an order for a gold Fendi spy and sent me the Zucca instead and then the gold one was sold by the time they straightened it all out. I am too excited...cant wait for it to arrive!

    I haven't bought any Gucci in a while (haven't liked anything they've made in a while except shoes) so I am overdue.
  13. ^^^Now THAT'S a good deal!!

    I dont see any fantastic deals. I like the pigna wallet,not for $396 though.
  14. I just got the Jolicoeur tote on Bluefly this morning:yahoo: