Gucci on a motorcyle???

  1. hehe, so I'm driving down to Rodeo the other day and I see this girl on the back of a motorcyle wearing a dress and holding onto her Gucci Pelham bag.

    I don't know why I find it funny but I do, so I took a pic for you all to see.

    I guess I think it's funny cuz my neighbor has bikes and she's always complaining that she can't ever use her Coach bag enough cuz she's always on her bike so instead she uses her backpack and then I saw this and think it's weird that she's carrying a designer bag on a bike that could crash at any time and ruin her beautiful bag!

    I don't know, it's just silly to me!!

  2. hehe thats priceless....but i have a feeling shes just going along with her bf and wasnt expecting to take the motorcycle...who would wear a dress (short one at that) on that!!! ughhhhh
  3. what an awesome picture.
  4. lol I love these random images. thanks!
  5. HAHA. Yeah, I dont think she was prepared for a ridde.
  6. That's a great pic!
  7. She's just a fashionable girl who doesn't go anywhere without her Gucci!
  8. lol how random!
  9. Nice one!
  10. great picture... she should think twice if she does that again.
  11. maybe she felt that her gucci bag looked good with the motorcycle? hehehe
  12. hahaha, it's funny to see the picture!!
  13. I think it's cute. Shows the versatility of the bag and the outfit!
    This should be an ad: " HOT you can take it anywhere and look CHIC!!"
  14. hmmm, maybe I should approach the Gucci execs with this................we could split the profits - 50% to me for my pic and 50% to you for your slogan! ;)
  15. Ha, that is one fashionable girl! lol!