Gucci newbie... questions about boston options


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Nov 21, 2009
Chicago, IL
Hi :smile:

I am very new to Gucci and am about to purchase my first bag. I definitely want a boston bag and have been looking at either the black guccisima, the beige/ebony gg plus with dark brown leather trim or the mauve GG imprime with metallic mauve leather trim. I want to know pros and cons of each fabric and the wearability (every day or special occasion, etc.). More specifically will the metallic leather trim chip or crack?



Oct 8, 2008
Winchester England

I have the black guccisima and the beige/ebony gg plus with dark leather trim. IMO the gg plus fabric is incredibly hard wearing, I've had mine over a year and it gets very regular use whatever the weather. The guccissima is only a month old and it is such a buttery soft leather with the most delicious leather smell. Both bags appear to be extremely well made and I use both bags for all occasions.

If I want to 'dress' the gg plus up a little I tie a pretty bandeau or scarf on the handle to co-ordinate with what I am wearing but I find the colour combination of the beige/ebony fabric goes with most things. The black leather is very elegant yet I wear it casually too with black Uggs and jeans.

Both bags are TDF! Good luck with your decision and let us know what you buy!
Dec 13, 2010
I have a question regarding my first Gucci purchase also...please help...
Did the boston bag ever come out with a mint green/greyish trim?