Gucci newbie and need thoughts on this Gucci Black Patent Clutch?

  1. Does anyone have the black patent clutch?

    Hi Gucci PF Members,

    I don't own a thing in Gucci and could use your advise on what you think of the cute little clutch as a gift for someone who's a Gucci collector?:confused1:
    Are finger prints and issue like the Louis Vuitton Amarante patent or are you pretty happy with it?
    Can you fit evening essentials..keys, cell phone, a little makeup -- or not enough room?

    I really appreciate any input you may have and thank you in advance.:smile:
  2. I don't have this or any patent in Gucci. Good point though on fingerprints. I remember fingerprints were an issue for the amarante especially with the cles or things that are small. Hopefully someone here will know the answer to that. I personally am not crazy about any of the clutches that they have this season but I know the one you have above is popular as is the satin one. I would imagine you could fit everything you mentioned in the bag and they have the measurements of it on the gucci site if not bg's. Hope that helps some!
  3. Thanks Kneehighz:smile:

    I know nothing of Gucci bags and really prefer shoulder bags myself, but this would be a gift for my sister in law. I admit -- I'm lazy!:blush:
    But kind of seems to have to carry it and hold it would be an inconvience.
    Sure welcome any thoughts from our Gucci gals!