Gucci New Britt medium tote owners

  1. I just found a great deal on the Gucci New Britt medium tote bag on I was just curious to know, are you guys happy with yours? What do you like or not like about it? Thanks
  2. i love the gucci britt double strap tote, w/the adjustable shoulder strap!! UNFORTUNATELY i don't own one right now, i want the black leather one. But the bag is soo cute and easy to use. i tried it on many many times, but i always ended up with a different bag. i think you should go for it, imo - i think it will be a classic handbag. Wow, bluefly has alot of new gucci items listed, i haven't checked it out in a few weeks. they have great inventory going on right now
  3. I love the Britt line..... I tend to put alot in my bags and many of the Britt range seems to have thinner straps which may not hold weight so well. Something to think about... Let us know if you get it!!!
  4. i have the sand guccissima britt tote. i love it. i really like the large gold Gs, the color of the leather, the interior fabric, etc. i don't like: 1) that it doesn't zip shut and 2) the light leather experienced some color transfer with my dark jeans (but that's my fault!). all in all though, it's one of my favorite bags...
  5. applecandy, can you please take a look at the photos that I took of this bag in the authenticate this page and tell me if you think it looks authentic. i always get worried when i buy designer bags online. thanks