gucci new britt hobo

  1. Try to ask in the tread --- Authenticate This Gucci --- I know some nice girls will help you :yes:
  2. i wasn't trying to authenticate it. i was wondering if other girls who have the same bag have that tag inside.
  3. I'm not sure when they added that tag in the pocket. I did notice that the large suede horsebit hobo that I bought recently from NM had that tag in the pocket. It also had the regular numbers on the back of the leather tag.
  4. Hmmm, this is intresting. I would like to know as well!!!
  5. sorry, i should've been more clear on my question.
  6. If you didn't understand the question H, so did I. I took it as a 'is this authentic' question too. :yes:
  7. Thanks, thanks B I was so sorry about my English, now I am happy again :upsidedown:
  8. some of my bags came with that tag along with the usual serial #'s with the leather tag such as my duchessa boston and diaper bag. i don't think they have it for everything though because my new britt tote and princy hobos didn't have it. however all my dust bags have that little tag on as well if that helps.