Gucci New Bamboo Bag

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have fallen in love with this gucci bag from the 2010 spring collection:

    I love how versatile it is, can take it to weddings, wear it messenger style and etc. Now my only concern is that because it is NOT a classic bag I know it's gonna go on sale for like... a steep disc at the end of the season!! Do you think it's a good idea to wait until June and take the gamble that it is still available or suck it up and buy it early?

    What do you ladies usually do when you find something you love from the cruise collection?? Such a dilemma!!
  2. If you can find lots of use for it before the summer sale rolls around, get it now (if you can't wait and have to have it now). Otherwise, I'd wait till the summer sale.
  3. I would get it now if you love it. It's in season and you should get a lot of use out of it.
  4. Even though this is from the spring/summer collection - you never know if it's going to become a "classic" until the season ends. This has happened to many bags in seasons past - like the Sukey, New Jackie, Ladies Web Hobo - etc. Also, this is black leather and usually classic colors don't go on sale until a few seasons have passed.

    Also, if the sales have been anything like the last 2 - you'll most likely have to wait for the sale after the upcoming one (fall/winter sale) before it goes on sale. Hope that makes sense. The last sale had bags from 2 seasons ago vs the current season.
  5. If I were you

    and I wanted this bag more than any other and couldn't live without it I would buy it now incase it never makes it to sale

    but if it's just another bag and you have plenty to get by on wait and see how and where it goes

    I feel flip is right - it may be a year wait it might even be never for this one in black leather.
  6. hmm good points... i think this is the bag i have to have... i'll pick it up in a month or so =)
  7. This bag is limited, they only made a few and I did not know that until I ordered mine. One sales guy told me the store had 90 coming in but when I went back I belive they only made 28 now that might have been the same style but a diffrent texture there are many diffrent ones that are not shown on the website. I placed a order to be on the safe side, this morning I talked to my sales rep and she told me so far they has released 8 and she was trying to located one. I don't think you can go wrong with this bag... Good luck!
  8. This is the bag I want but the larger one in stone!!! It's gorgeous and a very classic looking bag. This is one of the bags that I think will end up in their classic collection.
  9. I've been drooling over this bag too, I think it's gorgeous (and classic). I was on Beyond the Rack this am lusting after the Balenciaga's and noticed this on sale. I haven't read the best reviews of this site, and I don't see this color in this bag on sale anywhere. Wonder if it's legit?
  10. only 8 has been released worldwide..?? or in your country?
  11. Its very nice!
  12. I've heard horror stories of BTR and this bag is probably not even part of their actual inventory, much less be part of a sale. It just doesn't make sense. If you place an order, you'll probably end up waiting forever for them to receive it in their warehouse and then have them ship it to you.
  13. if its the larger one - its a runway collection - i am waiting for it to come it - my lady at saks said there is a huge wait list - i would get it - it looks like the old classics - i think it will stay in style a long time
  14. ^ so runway collection = seasonal?
  15. Ladies, I just got back from Italy and my husband purchased this bag for me in Venice. I love, love, love this bag. The store only had one and I bought it in black. I would recommend it if you can get your hands on one. It IS CLASSIC Gucci. I have a bag that is 15 years old that is very simular but a lot smaller.