Gucci name/logo always encribed on Vintage Handbags?

  1. I have a Vintage Gucci bag that I believe is most likely circa early to late '80s. I am not 100% sure if it is authentic.. I posted to the 'autheticate my handbag' thread for help earlier today; however I was wondering if somebody could answer a general question regarding zippers on Vintage Gucci bags.

    I read somewhere on this forum that it's pretty standard for newer Gucci bags to have the Gucci logo/name encribed into the metal or into a leather pull.. My question is, was this standard for all Vintage Gucci handbags as well?

    If you want to see the bag i'm talking about here's a link to my post on the 'authenticate my handbag' thread:

    Thank you for any help and advise about Vintage Gucci handbag zippers. :heart:
  2. vintage gucci zippers are mostly YKK zippers.