Gucci mules or pumps?

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  1. Ok I'm trying to decide between the mules and the pumps. What do you think? Anybody have either pair? How do they run? THanks girls
    gucci 5.jpg mules.jpg
  2. I do not own either pair, but I think they're both pretty. I find pumps easier to walk in so I'd probably go with them.
  3. mules, mules, mules, mules, mules, mules :smile: :heart: :smile: :heart:
  4. Aaallabama do you have the mules? I usually take an 8.5 in shoes do you think I should go for 8.5 in either of these.
  5. My friend bought both. I like the pump.
  6. Mules!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. It looks like it's 50/50. I'm just trying to figure out which pair I would get the most ware out of and which pai rwould be hte most comfortable
  8. I love the mules
  9. aaaahhhh...i'm trying to decide between those two, too...
  10. Mules!! especially in this sexy logo fabric.:yes:
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