Gucci mules or pumps?

  1. Ok I'm trying to decide between the mules and the pumps. What do you think? Anybody have either pair? How do they run? THanks girls
    gucci 5.jpg mules.jpg
  2. I do not own either pair, but I think they're both pretty. I find pumps easier to walk in so I'd probably go with them.
  3. mules, mules, mules, mules, mules, mules :smile: :heart: :smile: :heart:
  4. Aaallabama do you have the mules? I usually take an 8.5 in shoes do you think I should go for 8.5 in either of these.
  5. My friend bought both. I like the pump.
  6. Mules!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. It looks like it's 50/50. I'm just trying to figure out which pair I would get the most ware out of and which pai rwould be hte most comfortable
  8. I love the mules
  9. aaaahhhh...i'm trying to decide between those two, too...
  10. Mules!! especially in this sexy logo fabric.:yes: