Gucci Moon cross-shoulder bag

  1. Anyone got it? I want to buy a new cross-shoulder bag and I think this style Gucci made a better style than LV and I'm very interested in this style of bag. In the website I couldn't imagine much how it will look like when wearing it.

    Model pic would be appreciate. Thank you very much and hope I will get some replies asap. :smile:
  2. Noone got a Gucci Moon cross shoulder bag?
  3. I dont know what you are talking about? Can you post a picture?
  4. A pic would be great :smile:
  5. Sorry....I got a wrong name style. It's call "Round shoulder bag" and here is the pic.....


    I hope this help and thank you :tup:
  6. I dont have it but I have tried it on and its very cute... Its a pretty good size I ended up going with a larger leather one though!
  7. Thank you very much Noegirl for your answer.