Gucci monogram hobo - outdated? Naff?

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Sep 22, 2007
I think you would be better posting this in the Gucci forum. For what its worth, I have never liked the monogram, but it is very popular. If you are having doubts maybe you are not keen either.


Sep 27, 2008
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I wouldn't consider it a classic but a majority of people would probably disagree with me. If you're going to go with a monogram bag, though, I think the black on black you linked to is the best option since it's not too noticeable.


May 23, 2009
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The print was developed in the 1966 combining the new GG logo and Gucci's original diamond pattern that used over canvas luggage. It is one of the 'youngest' Gucci icons but I think something that is 44 yo is considered classic.

I have 4 GG-print bags (out of 28) but I do prefer some of other Gucci icons like the horse-bit, marina-rope knot, shopping-knight shield (my favourite - they used to have it on the boxes/tissue paper in the late 1970s) diamond pattern, buckle, Flora and bamboo.

Wearing any brand's logos are either reassuring to the owner or not, I guess the GG-print is the most 'obvious', I guess that's for you to decide. It's either your style or it isn't. There are many pieces with the vintage diamond print ATM so many go for one of them if you prefer.

The following is from

Guccio Gucci’s initials were first used in the early Sixties – as either single or double Gs – as squared-off fastenings for bags, which were developed and made in Gucci’s own forge at its historic workshop on Via delle Caldaie in Florence. Transferred soon after into a diamond-shaped pattern woven into the best-selling cotton canvas luggage, the GG monogram transported the company’s fame, quite literally, around the globe in the much-photographed company of movie stars, aristocrats and socialites.
Reconfigured and deployed in innumerable designs, the eternal GG has appeared and reappeared over time, merged into a circle, back-to-back, inverted, and abstracted. It’s been reinvented in silver and gold, burned into luxurious velvet, embossed into leather, stamped onto suede, printed on silks, woven into jacquards, and used in patchworks created using luxurious crocodile and lizard.

A status symbol that crosses generations and cultures - the GG hallmark is now globally synonymous with high glamour, desirability and a contemporary edge.


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Jul 9, 2006
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i actually kinda like the Gucci Monogram (being both my Guccis courtesy of Mummy - both sukey and interlocking Gs hobo are monogram). however i would prefer if they do it like the bronze trimming with the Gs being shiny as it adds abit of twist to the plain Gs (that's IMO).