Gucci Mirror Evening Bag

  1. Does anyone know who has it? I dont want to wait for the wait list and i was hoping one of you ladies would know if anyone has it in stock. thank you!
  2. I think , not so sure but the boutique in atlantic city might have it , I talked with a great sales person named Michael and we were talking about all of the spring stuff he had , check with him if not maybe he can track it down for you. THe store is in the pier on the boardwalk.
  3. they do have it in atlantic city. i saw it this past saturday. it's gorgeous.
  4. Thats fantastic, thank you! I'll let you know if I am able to get it.
  5. please post pics and check out the shoes , they are sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy!
  6. THEY HAD THE BAG! 1 left and I just got it!! I cant thank you enough for your help! :wlae::yahoo:
    ill post pics once i receive it
  7. Congrats! I would love to see it when you get it!
  8. so glad you were able to get the bag. congrats.
  9. OMG, i saw that bag IRL and its TDF. We just had a pre-sale at Saks and it was one of the items included in the pre-sale
  10. has them!!!