Gucci Mini Dionysus or....

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  1. Hi!
    I have the mini chain bag, wallet on chain as you might call it. But I really love the dionysus mini. Does the mini hold more? The dimensions seem smaller than the chain bag, but it does not have the accordion style set up. Any advice from those who have had both?
  2. You should find the dimensions on the Gucci website.
  3. I think I answered you in another thread. I looked at the woc, mini and small. Mini holds more than woc. Woc is very flat. Of course small holds more than mini.
  4. I spent 12 months trying to decide between these two and got the mini in the end and don’t regret it. I wanted a bag I could stand on the table if I went out and the WOC doesn’t. The WOC looks like it would fit a lot in it, but will it fasten?

    I can fit my iPhone X, tissues, small coin purse, small card wallet, lip balm, lip gloss car key, anti bac gel and comb in mine and still have some room on the top for something small.

    good luck with your decision.