Gucci Messenger prices??


*ms. shoppaholic*
Jan 9, 2006
British Columbia

I was wondering if you fellow purse gurus would help me. I am from canada and have been wanting a gucci web exclusive item; however my gucci store in vancouver said they cannot purchase the item for me as only accepts credit cards from US residents. I was wondering if that was true?

now, onto the purpose of this thread :P I have been searching websites to see if i can find my gucci messanger bag ( and i found two websites that have it; and Now i'm wondering why is it so much more expensive on these websites? on styledrops, it is selling for $619 and on raffaello it is selling for $460; however on the gucci website it is selling for $395. Raffaello price is not that bad, but the styledrops price is sooo expensive :wtf: does anyone know why it's so expensive?

I totally want this bag for spring :sad:

thank you! :biggrin:


Jan 9, 2009
Not sure, but it could be that the one on the gucci site is a small in gg fabric while the other site could be of a different size & material???