Gucci Messenger Bag

  1. yay or nay? Trying to decide on a messenger bag, or the large shoulder tote (which I guess is also a diaper bag)? or the smaller tote? The totes would be in the navy/red/white combo. I'm 5'10" for reference. TIA
    gucci large tote.JPG Gucci Tote.JPG guccimessenger.JPG
  2. I like the large shoulder tote/diaper bag (the one on the far left).
  3. I like the one in the middle better. Good luck on your choice.
  4. I like the first and the third. :smile:
  5. i like the first and second.
  6. I would go the 1st. :smile:
  7. Have u seenthe JOLI COUER messenger bag?
    I bought one for my daughter..and I really love it too!Its the one with the charms on it!
  8. if u have 5'10, i think the first one is better and i think it has a better structure than the second one after put all the stuff inside the bag.
  9. I vote for number 3...the "swing pack" types just come in so handy...
  10. Hi messenger -- I have the 3rd one (messenger bag) and really :heart: it for hands-free activities, like grocery shopping. It doesn't hold very much thought -- wallet, cell phone, keys, small make-up bag, and that's about it. I'm 5' 2" so it's just the perfect size for me. If you're concerned about proportion with your height, the tote bags may be better choice. But if you're not concerned and just want a compact, cross-body bag, go for the messenger. If you want, I can post a pic of me wearing it but I'll have to wait till DH gets home to do it.
  11. I like the messenger the best.
  12. that's o.k. I saw the messenger IRL and this is the medium size for $515 and it looked ok on me, I thought??
  13. I like the second one for it's unique shape.
  14. i just bought the one in the middle about an hour ago, the largest size of the three but i got it in my favorite, beige gg with the red/green straps... it is adorable and it can fit so much... i love itttt!