Gucci Messenger Bag - suggestions

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  1. Hello I am looking for a classic-looking medium sized messenger bag, do you have any suggestions?

  2. The Joli couer messenger is adorable as well as the logo Britt tote with brown leather trim.....
  3. Thanks love2travel! This one is available in brown, too, i think! It looks cute!!
  4. Did you see it, its under "travel & accessories" formally known as luggage. lol They have brown gg/dk brown and black..
  5. yes i have seen them.. i was looking for the white leather, but they seem out of stock
  6. Yeah, no white on the website. But Im sure its in stores, just ask an SA.
  7. thanks for your help!! =)
  8. I am glad you found some help...It is a great looking bag! Good luck!!!