Gucci medium tote for $385 at

  1. 189669_F4F5R_9791.jpg 189669_F4F5R_1060_full.jpg
  2. I don't think it's on sale but it under their web exclusives. I just saw the 10% off for the 20th here at Deals and Steals. That'll be good to use with that one but they may sell out of them.
  3. that's a really good deal!!

    too bad i just bought another gucci tote that looks very similar to those already - at a much higher price :sad:
  4. great deal!!! thanks for sharing :tup:
  5. great! thanks for sharing.
  6. i'm weary of buying this without seeing it IRL beforehand.
  7. I love it, but I wonder if the bottom is too bulky like their other totes that its almost impossible to carry it on the shoulder.
  8. rrrr.... does not post to my city:crybaby:. Love the mono.........
  9. can anyone please link me to that 10% off for 11/20? I couldnt find it on Deals & Steals.
  10. is this on sale? or is this regular price? or does "web exclusive" mean "sale price only available on"? or does "web exclusive" mean "tote bag only available through"
  11. I think this means the bag is only available at

    Not to be mean but by the picture the bag looks flimsy. I'm wonder if this is thin canvas with no support. If not this would be a good deal to be had...esp with the 10% off.
  12. Does anyone have it?
    is it flimsy or a nice tote?