Gucci Medium Horsebit Hobo (monogram)- WHERE?!

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  1. Insomnia = surfing the web late at night with nothing to really look at = getting bit by the Gucci bug. I've always been interested in the horsebit hobos but never got around to really looking at them until today.. well. I am now officially in love! :love: Does anyone know where I can get the medium horsebit hobo (large would just be too big, considering that I am 5'1").. I've already looked at & I'd really like one in the tan monogram fabric. Ebay is, for the moment, out of the question, and I won't be able to go to the Gucci boutique for another couple weeks. Any suggestions as to where it might be available?

    Thanks! :P

    PS. $795 makes me cry. But we only live once, right? hehe. So.. yes, sales = :biggrin:, if possible.
  2. I have searched high & low...and found 2 places...for the medium size br/bg gg fabric...
    *in stock here for $699
    & is a 6-8 week wait to recieve the bag...I have been waiting forever and mine via tracking no. should be here any day now.
  3. I'm currently waiting on mine also. Gucci e-mailed me last week and said 3-4 weeks definitely. I got the black GG fabric. Can't wait.
    Suzerstar, do you know for sure that site is legit. The prices seem incredible. And even there it says its on backorder...
  4. it's only $50 less than seem to be as far as I can tell from the pics...I can't recall if the gucci hobo has contrast stitching on the leather...does anyone know for sure about the beige/brown, of it has contrast stitching?
  5. Hi-
    I'm new to Purse Blog, but I wanted to let you know that I saw the Gucci Medium Horsebit Hobo (in tan leather) at Saks in Beverly Hills yesterday. Good luck in your search:biggrin:
  6. Gucci Medium Hobo.jpg



    Is this the bag you are talking about? If so I have a new one that I from Neiman's that I will be selling on ebay starting tonight. It is authentic, my feedback is perfect, and if anything is wrong 100% money back. I am not a professional ebay seller, just a 26 year old girl who loves purses. If you are interested type in this title tonight, " GUCCI Black Leather Medium Hobo Horsebit", starting tomorrow morning Jan. 18, my seller name is TheArtofAcquisition.

    If the price is too high where I have set it, contact me via ebay and we can discuss.

    The description of the bag is:
    Black leather with light gold hardware Gucci medium hobo with single non-adjustable buckle strap, magnetic snap closure, half horsebit, and inside zip pocket. 5.7 x 8 x 10.6 inches.
  7. Just on Wait is at 1-2 weeks now, not 6-8. Good Luck!
  8. Hey, did you notice the price jumped to $795??? When I ordered mine it was $750. Is that what they're actually going to charge? They haven't charged my card yet. There's some disclaimer on the website that says prices can sometimes be wrong and whatnot. I'm about to e-mail Gucci.
  9. ^^^^ I didn't even notice! I need to contact Gucci as well.
  10. Let me know what you find out. Did yours go up too?
  11. Thanks for the link, Suzerstar! Did you order yours from that site? I was going to order from but the wait is just too long.. (I'm a bit impatient..)

    Btw. Yes, the price went up! I recalled it being $750 but it is now listed as $795. =[

    TheArtOfAcquisition: Sorry but that is not the purse... Yours is beautiful though! Good luck selling.
  12. no...I went because I discovered this site after I ordered...BTW I ordered the large horsebit first...waited 5 1/2 weeks for it and hated how big it am in the process of waiting for my exchange for the medium to arrive ..they must've just changed that price because my card was charged somewhere around $750...I usually order stuff online to avoid paying the tax. I only order from the manufacturer for things like this because of the high risk for fraud. I want to know for sure what I'm getting.
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  14. shorty0527: i love ur bag

    I'm also looking for a Medium Horsebit Hobo, anyone know where i can purchase it in london, england ?

    I don't feel comfortable buying online =S