Gucci Medium Horsebit around for a while?

  1. sorry to ask a silly question~ i'm a rather new PF'er and have only been on the LV forum :love:
    is the medium horsebit gucci bag ( beige) one that will be around for a while? i love it but have just bought 2 LV bags and 2 LV keychains in the two weeks so i need to slooooow done until i pay those off! :blink:

    i already have a GORGEOUS drawstring gucci i bought last year & it was my first gucci ever! love it! but i really love the horsebit too!

    will it be around for a while & do they ever go on sale like other ones? :yes:
  2. I think the horsebit will always be a classic & you can never go wrong with it. Gucci might change the handles or add a zipper or two to remake the bag for a season but the horsebit will always be the star of the purse.
  3. yeeeah :yahoo: ..thanks so much for the help! :flowers:
  4. by the way i meant the Medium Hobo if that helps!! i want that one but right now it's to much $$$ for me to spend again!! :Push:
  5. medium horsebit in plain letter or any cruise collection colors are on sale right now!!
  6. i bought my large horsebit 2 years back, the medium was out as well. and it was first time that i have seen it so it has been around for a few years. last year, the red colour medium horsebit went on sale, i should have gotten it but i held out for too long! big mistake!
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