Gucci Medium Britt in Sand Guccissima

  1. i am buying this bag tomorrow (I think)...I went to the gucci store on 5th ave and they ran out of this style and ordered one for person its a light camel, and is pretty versatile in terms of coordinating with different outfits/seasons....good size too since it will be my everyday bag...what do you guys think? (the pic is of the large sand guccissima, since they do not have a medium pic avail...)
  2. whoops here is the pic
  3. Congrats! Very nice! I want a Brit, too!
  4. BEAUTIFUL BAG!!! I love their guccissima leather.
  5. Lovely..I've always been a fan of Guccissima leather....Love that in that color!!! Nice choice! Post modeling pics when you get it!!!!!:drool:
  6. i love that bag especially in that guccissima color. it's just gorgeous.
  7. Beautiful!
  8. that's a great bag! I actually went to my Gucci store to purchase this but then got another Britt bag instead. It was just more my style but if I had a lot of $, I would get this one too. Post pics once received!
  9. thanks guys! I will post pics once i get it!
  10. beautiful. I am on the fence about this color because i have way too many camel handbags but it's just so :drool:

    congrats :smile:
  11. Looove the bag and like the guccissima leather a lot!!!! but I have doubts about the colour. I saw the bag in real and I must say it's not my favourite colour :s .
  12. So beautiful!! Congrats!
  13. Very pretty!!!!!! Looks like a great bag for spring/summer! :yes:
  14. I love this bag...I tried it in Saks and it was fab!
  15. What a lovely bag! Can't wait to see pics!