Gucci Medium Aviatrix Boston - cranberry vs bordeaux?

  1. I saw the bordeaux aviatrix at NM last weekend and purchased it. The SAs there call it "red." I'm looking at NM and BG online now and though the description says "bordeaux" when you add it to your cart it's called "cranberry."

    My concern is, now that I'm looking at the "bordeaux" version on NM/BG online and the "bordeaux" on, they look like two different reds. Is it the lighting, or is there actually a "cranberry" color and a "bordeaux" color? :push: My bag looks like the cranberry, but I would return it in a heartbeat for the deep red that's on

    This would be a great question if gucci actually had a 1800 number...but luckily I have you guys! :p

  2. Ooh.. They do look different. The deep red is gorgeous! Can you call a Gucci boutique and verify the color? Sometimes the stores and the Gucci boutiques carry different items so it doesn't hurt to check.
  3. for me to see it´s two different bags,

    1. has patent (?) leader straps and the bags color is Bordeaux

    2. is normal leader straps and the bags color is dark red

    that what I see :sweatdrop:
  4. the deep red one is really pretty
  5. To me they look like two different bags - the stitching and trim (leather and web vs. patent) are different. You should get the one that you like the best.
  6. ^^ yeah the patent trim is exclusive to NM, but both should be bordeaux suede...
  7. Since the suede is supposed to be the same color, then maybe it's the trim (leather and web vs. patent) that makes the suede look different??
  8. the one on the left is gorgeous :drool:
  9. Yes, there is a clear difference in the colors. The one on the left is slightly deeper. They are both super pretty though!!
  10. Love the deep red! It's delicious! :drool:
  11. I love the deep red, especially w/the belt that's two tone...definitely a stunning bag!! :heart: it!!!!