Gucci Medium abbey shoulder bag

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  1. Hello This is my first post and I am trying to figure out which gucci bag is better Ive been lookin and loooking tryin to see which I love better and which will last longer because leather usually gets ruined, scratched, or falls apart if you put too much in the bag and so does the fabric I asked my friend who works a burberry and he says he likes the classic gucci in fabric. but heres the both forms. My friend had the fabric one and her strap broke... i dont no if she just put to many items in it or what. Basically as you can tell this is my first gucci bag. I most have Chanel bags but i wanted new designers.
    Abbey Medium Shoulder in leather and here in fabric

  2. which is better can anyone help
  3. I'm no expert by any means but I like the leather. I feel like it stands up better to dirt and daily wear than the fabric.:smile:
  4. I have the fabric one in white and haven't had any problems with the strap. I prefer the print on the fabric one for this bag. I don't really care for the Guccissima in this style of Gucci. I like the leather ones in the hobo style. Personal preference I guess?
  5. oooh...tough one! First of all I really like this Abbey shoulder bag so excellent choice of style. The guccissima leather is really great and looks very classy. I don't have one yet so cannot comment on their wear and tear but would love to have one someday. I like this style of bag in the canvas too but with the ivory trim. I have several gucci canvas bags and they've held up really well, rain or shine. :tup: But if money is not an option, I'd say go with the guccissima leather! It's very classy and timeless in my opinion!
  6. Thanks for those comments, most of your picks are leather hopefully someone can tell me about how the leather holds up. I really really really like the leather but for the price I can the fabric with a wallet.....but its true the leather looks classy and its also a gift for my self but im just choosing what I want..... anything on their leather bags
  7. I am in love with this bag. I just bought the canvas with the ivory trim and love it! It is lightweight - which is what I wanted as my shoulder and back starts to hurt if my handbag is too heavy. I just bought the matching continental wallet - so I'm really happy.
  8. I have the fabric and i really really love this bag . Excellent choice!
  9. I love this bag and it's on my wishlist! I want the fabric w/ivory trim, but think the leather is TDF. I think it is personal preference.......which one makes your heart skip a beat? lol
  10. stain resistance...go for leather
  11. i love guccissima leather but i'd probably go for the fabric for this one- it looks nicer haha and i've seen people carrying the leather one and most of their bags look really knocked up. i have leather guccis but not the guccissimas so i can't say if it's just that kind of material that wears easily or from years of use.
  12. My vote is for the canvas in this style, such a classic! Good luck and be sure to let us know which one you get
  13. i am a big fan of the guccissima stamped leather but this bag looks nicer in the canvas IMO.
  14. I have one in white trim fabric and I absolutely love it! =D I just got it in late January. :smile: I say go for the fabric one. I'm not sure if the leather material looks good on this bag type... just an opinion though :smile:
  15. ive had this bag in canvas for a good yr and half and its fine! no problems AT ALL! it holds up great and holds quite alot for what you can imagine! go for the canvas, i think its a classic in this bag! its beautiful!