Gucci, me, Ferragamo, oh my!

  1. Another rough weekend for me. I got my court date of when I will be sued and crucified for my partners illegal activities. Of course my emotions are all over the place. And this is just the beginning of many court cases to come....

    When I thought I lost all hope AGAIN, my manufacturer emailed me today. They said they were excited and enthusiastic about my handbag line (I wondered if they said that to everyone but then I thought, they didn't have to say it at all since they were not asked to contact me, so they must have meant it, right?) Anyways, the bottomline is they told me that they were squeezing me in between their Gucci and Ferragamo deadline.

    Wow! My name in between Gucci and Ferragamo. I didn't even know they manufactured for them! I know it really doesn't mean anything (well, except that the craftmanship will be awesome-- but trust me I am being billed for it!) But it was exciting to hear and I just wanted to share with people that would understand! God really does provide... just have to have faith.

    Thanks guys for all your support! :smile:
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! That's wonderful news, thanks for updating us!!

    And I'm sorry about the court cases, I wish you luck!
  3. Amen to that! I wish you all the prayers and luck! :amuse:
  4. Congrats! Good luck in court!
  5. good luck in court and keep us updated....
  6. Ditto! of luck.
  7. That is great news! (your purses, not the court cases:evil: ) Hope everthing works out.
  8. wow, congrats!!!!good luck for everything!
  9. iliabags, I totally agree in what you said about keeping faith! I look forward to hearing more about your bag line! Your in my prayers!!
  10. Congrats on the good news, and good luck with your impeding court cases. We're all crossing our fingers for you!
  11. Good luck! we are thinking of you!
  12. Sorry to hear that you had a rough weekend. But that news is a GREAT start to the week! And good luck to everything! Keep us posted ;)
  13. Congrats. That's amazing. Sorry a/b the court thing thou.
  14. Exciting news N! I wish you luck during the court cases :heart:3