Gucci Matelasse Marmont Care and Storage

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  1. I just got my first Gucci today! Super excited to wear it! Since the leather is smooth, just wanna see how everyone clean their bag, what do you use? I normally use a slightly damp face cloth to clean my other leather bags. Also this is my first chain leather bag. How do you store your bag chain? Do you tuck the chain all the way in leaving only the leather part? Because I don't my the chain to make an impression on my bag. Thanks!
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  2. I tuck the chain in the bag. I use Cadillac leather protectant/cleaner on mine, works great.
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  3. Thanks! What kind of cloth do you use to clean your bag with the leather cleaner?
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    Here's the link to the Cadillac conditioner:

    I just use a 100% cotton men's undershirt that I've pre-washed and dried (I buy a pack from Walmart specifically for cleaning/conditioning leather). I've used a microfiber cloth before, but I find that it doesn't really absorb the dirt/grime that comes off with the conditioner. When I use the white cotton tshirt, I can see the grime that comes off from fingers, surfaces, etc. A little of the Cadillac goes a long way, and condition with a light hand, as any conditioner can remove dye from the leather if you rub hard. Congrats on your new bag!
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  5. Thanks so much :smile:
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  6. Got mine recently too. I also like to tuck in the chain strap into the bag to avoid a possible imprint. I also store it in its Gucci dust bag. Haven’t had a need to clean it yet. Was wondering what to use for cleaning myself. Thx!