gucci card??


Sep 12, 2006
Hi guys, I just got the marola flats. I have other gucci shoes and they all usually come with that booklet thing. This one didn't. Is it normal? I got it from saks online. TIA!
Dec 30, 2007
Miu Miu heaven
Hiii I'd love to buy the Marolas in black but I am wondering if the ones from saks come with the white GG or do they come with the GG in black...I'd much rather have them all in black....Raffaello Network has it in all black but for some reason it's 70 dollars more expensive! anybody knows if they run true to size? I remember trying them on two weeks ago and I tried on the 41 and they fit just right (from what I remember) but 41 is an 11 and I am usually a 10. However, Saks says they recommend ordering true to size...someone help me please!!! thank you!! here's the all black link