Gucci Marmont Wallet on Chain


Jan 18, 2017
So it seems I found a Gucci I love!

Does anyone have this? How is the strap length? I am a bigger girl and need a longer strap. Also wear and tear/quality reviews please?

Do you recommend this?


My boyfriend got this for me earlier this year as a birthday gift! For me the strap length is too long! Im not a super fan of wearing bags cross body so I usually double up the chain and wear it as a shoulder bag! I wear mine all the time and in January it’ll be a year with having it and it’s still in perfect condition... and I don’t even baby it as much. If you put your phone in the bag (I have the 7 plus iPhone) not much else will fit in besides cash and credit cards that have slots for! Im attaching a picture below! Fyi im 5’4!


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