Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag (Medium) vs. Givenchy Antigona (Mini): Which one should I get?


Mar 24, 2019
I'm a newbie in this website after lurking for a long time, so if I'm posting in the wrong category, please advise.

Does anyone own both and can compare the two? I know they’re both very different bags but I’m deciding which one to get. I’m leaning more towards the Marmont as it looks like my dream bag which is the Chanel Flap although I still can’t afford it. However, I'm not usually the person to follow trends as I stick to classics and am cared about the current hype of the bag, that it goes downhill and ultimately out of style, although the style (gold hardware and black leather) represents myself more.

Givenchy is my second option as it seems like a classic, but there’s also a fear that it might be a current trend. Also, I'm a beginner in collecting luxury handbags and don’t know much about the future of Givenchy in the long-term. Gucci seems to be great in marketing and staying "fresh".

YSL College Medium is my third option as I think it's an in between of the Antigona and Marmont in case anyone wants to add in their experience about the bag.

I would really appreciate your suggestions.
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